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Greeting Card - "Happy Father’s Day" - 4.25" x 5" Box

Greeting Card - "Happy Father’s Day" - 4.25" x 5" Box

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Father's Cookie Greeting Cards are Perfect for packaging any cookie that is approx. 4” tall x 3” to 3.5” wide.

Instead of your cookie customers spending $4-$8 on a generic greeting card from the local store, offer them the opportunity to buy a COOKIE GREETING CARD from you instead! A card and a sweet gift all-in-one, what could be better?

Cookie greeting cards are a really fun and easy way for you to package up your cookies as gift-able items this busy cookier season! Want to add a gift card to it? Just use glue dots or double sided tape to attach it to the inside cover!

  • The inside cover has a cute greeting & a place to sign the card under the greeting
  • Perfect for 1 full-size cookie or 3-4 mini cookies
  • 4.25″ wide x 5″ tall x ¾” deep
  • Designed by Missy and Made in the USA!
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