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Coffee - 6" x 5" Folded Backers

Coffee - 6" x 5" Folded Backers

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6" x 5" Folded Backer in "Coffee Word" Pattern with "Customized Cookie Coffee Cup" on the opposite side. The Coffee folded backer is a double sided card that is a great way to give coffee themed cookies as gifts!

(7.5" x 5" unfolded)

These backers are perfect for use with single packaged cookies.

Folded Backers come unfolded with 15 cards per pack!

Coffee Words design by Caspers Wierd Nest

Cookie Coffee Cup Customization by SLMD

These beautifully printed backers are coated so that they can be used with food products, however, are not meant for direct contact with food due to the colored printing. Please ensure that food is wrapped in cello packaging when placed on the card.

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